Getting Started

CIS Training Systems Cycling Program is New York City’s Most Progressive Cycling Training, Coaching and Development Program

By becoming an athlete of the CIS Training Systems Cycling Program (THE SYSTEM), you are committing to a training system that will not only make you a better and stronger cyclist, but also one that will develop your confidence ON and OFF the bike. In addition, the program will teach you how to train, gain focus, mental toughness and  maximize what your body is capable of producing (which is often more than you think).

“At CIS Training Systems, we don’t just ride our bikes, we Train with Purpose.”

This is not your typical everyday run of the mill or magic bullet solution, it will take consistency, patience, hard work, dedication and trust in THE SYSTEM that it will deliver the results.

Our Philosophy is that…  

  • We Believe in breaking down mental and physical barriers that impede high performance.
  • We Strive to create Holistic, Effective, Authentic and Transparent interactions with all our clients.
  • We Empower you to reach for higher levels of self achievement.

What we think…

100% Value with Real Results…

  • Build confidence, focus and a level of personal achievement.
  • Workouts are efficient with greatest gains in minimal time.
  • Overall increase in Endurance, Speed and Efficiency.
  • Improved climbing ability with more efficient pedal mechanics.

Link performance and mental aptitude with The Emotional Quotient Inventory EQ-I ® to drive the winning competitive edge.

The System provides me with a weekly tailored workout program that is structured, intense, and interesting – what keeps me focused is that I am able to carry out new and greater things each week. The improvement is consistent and tangible. Darren Schleicher


Standard and Tailored Fit Training Plans for Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced level training programs. Designed for the busy professional looking to maximize their potential as a cyclist. Program length varies from 12 weeks to 48 weeks depending on the program selected.

  • Cycling 101 for beginner cyclists looking for a structure training program.
  • Adventure Cycling programs for riders getting ready for century rides, cycling tours and Gran Fondo rides.
  • Road Cycling training programs for those riders looking to gain that extra edge.
  • Triathlon Bike Specific Training to help you maximize your time on the bike and have plenty of energy left for your time on the run.
  • Climbing, Sprinting and Time Trial programs to build skill around these 3 disciplines.



Brooklyn’s Most Inclusive and Diverse Cycling Club is the group you want to join.  This cycling club offers an inclusive and diverse group of riders build on unity,trust, and much more.

  • Structured Coached Group Rides
  • Brooklyn Bridge – Tillary Street
  • 67 – 74 miles Tempo Development
  • 7:30 am – April to October
  • 8:00 am – November to March



The CIS First Team is a team of hand selected members whom train under the CIS Training Systems Cycling Program Banner that excel within the program. The CIS First Team are members who lead by example, create unity, drive the CIS Brand and support our Sponsor and Partners.

Sponsored by: CIS and Century

  • Category 3/4 Racing Team
  • Launched in Nov 2012